About An Artist of the Floating World

The_Illustration_of_the_Siberian_War,_No._2,_The_march_of_the_Japanese_army_at_Vladivostok_city_(LOC_ppmsca.08213) (1)In many respects, An Artist of the Floating World is similar to the author’s debut – A Pale View of Hills. Despite the similarities, this book is a stark improvement in both setting and execution. As with Ishiguro`s previous title, emotional rollercoaster it is not. Event descriptions and dialogues are expressed by the narrator in an altogether serene manner, without any unnecessary grandeur. Even the tensest moments of conflict between characters seem formal and almost intentionally devoid of any accompanying emotional component. Noh theater and original Bijin-ga pictures come to mind when thinking about this particular style of narration, where feelings are concealed and crystalized in a highly symbolical representations, requiring active mental involvement to decode.

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