About vaporwave and its spawn – Part II: conversation with WosX

hcfrlnacIn my previous post about vaporwave  I spoke extensively about its subgenres and mentioned hardvapour as one of the more interesting electronic music genres that has been conceived in the recent years. I also spoke about wosX  – one of the more prominent figures in the context of the genre and a producer that I admire very much. I am happy to say that I was able to reach wosX himself and have a fruitful conversation with him about vaporwave as a whole, his notorious End of World Rave and evolution of music. You can listen to the whole conversation down below. I also compiled a shortened transcript of the podcast in a text form to give you a taste of the most relevant moments of the conversation if you don`t have time to listen to the whole thing. You can also listen to the music mentioned during the podcast down below.

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