About a new beginning

Approximately 3 months have passed since I have finished my 365 day challenge on Facebook to compose a post about information, understanding or revelation that I have experienced that day. I managed to succeed almost without any major lapses, although it was a great deal more difficult than I imagined at first. I knew that this achievement is going to evolve and halfway through, with the help of my beloved girl, I began to ponder a way of transferring this idea to something bigger and hopefully more profound. After my retreat from Facebook I have decided to continue with my scribbles in a blog format. In the nearest future I am going to transfer the archive of my 365 day journey to this blog. I have decided to change a few things compared to my Facebook entries and I am going to list the most important ones here:

  • English will be my language of choice for this blog. Firstly, although Lithuanian is my native tongue and naturally my ability to write in said language is more advanced compared to English, exercising one of the most important languages in the world nowadays will be beneficial for me personally. Secondly, although my reach may be naïve, English is an almost universal language, spoken natively by more than 5% of Earth’s population – it is a third most widely spread language in the world – and is known in most of the technologically advanced countries. Naturally this would widen the pool of readers that could access my blog entries compared to around 3 million people if I would continue in my native tongue. I am still pondering the idea about translating every entry to Lithuanian and posting it separately.


    Celebrating the end of 365 day challenge in French Alps

  • I am not going to post every day. It was a good exercise of will power and discipline, but it was very exhausting as well. And that lead to some poor content entries that lacked in information, entertainment and rigor. Thus I have decided to construct longer posts with much more research and work put into them to make them as interesting, informative, educational and entertaining as I possibly could. I would like to post once every week, but this time I am not imposing any time constraints on myself. I will post whenever I feel that the quality of an entry is satisfactory.
  • I will be aiming for more variety. Although initially I tried to keep my posts as objective and distanced from my personal views or experiences, I realized that fundamentally people are attracted towards personalized approach to different aspects of life. Thus although I am still going to generate mainly educational type of material, some posts will be about my own personal experiences, views and opinions. This blog ideally will turn into a platform for me to express everything that is boiling inside my mind and will, hopefully, be interesting to you.

I hope that you will join me for another – this time indefinite – ride. Let the second journey begin!

Yours truly,



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